MRO CReative

An Empty Page

From One Writer to another:

You did it. That first draft is a huge challenge, and when it’s done, is an even bigger accomplishment. Or maybe you’re on your 4th manuscript draft, or you’ve got a few words scrawled on the back of a napkin, or a doodle in the margin of a legal pad.

In any case, you’ve bravely filled an empty space with your ideas.

I salute you. And I want to help.

As a writer and editor, I get it from both sides of the page – from seeing the bird’s eye view, down to finding the right word. I’m here to help you tell your story, or launch your big idea.

Under my Wing

How Can Your Story move forward?

  • Clarify your message
  • Elevate your narrative and make it flow
  • Nest your work in the right genre
  • Hatch your scenes and beats
  • Nurture your creative process and writer self
  • Hone in on your ideal reader
  • Soar into readers’ hearts and minds

Kind Words

From Clients & Collaborators

“Maria is a facilitator-extraordinaire… with a generosity of spirit, a gentle rhythm of consistency, and an attentive listening ear. Maria draws out thoughtful conversation from participants and encourages us to bring our best selves to our craft. It is a joy and a gift to be in her presence.”

– Julie Steele Mahoney

Writer, Creator of Celery For One

“From the first video call… I knew [Maria] was going to provide a professional and helpful analysis of my manuscript. She showed me where I was hitting the mark with such enthusiasm and also detailed the gaps and areas that need work. I came away with a clear picture of what needs to be done and some great ideas (and resources) for improvements.”

– Erica Tippett

Novelist, Award-Winning Fiction Author

“Maria has worked with several of our authors. She recognizes the importance of maintaining the “Author’s Voice” while helping them craft their words for an easier, more marketable read.”

– Cathy Davis

Founder/CEO, Davis Creative Publishing Partners

Certifications & Such

Plotter, or Pantser –

What type of Writer are you?

“Plotters” work from an outline, plan out their scenes, and know the ending of their story before they begin writing. “Pantsers” go with the flow, scribble down what comes to mind, and are often surprised by what shows up.

I’m a “planster.”

And that’s just what you need in an editor.

Let me be your warm and wise guide on the path of storytelling, as your delighted reader and quick-witted editor. I can give you clear, do-able next steps for your work with reliable analysis, and a healthy dose of encouragement when the writing gets tough.

I’ll help your pantser get organized and your plotter jump in and trust the flow, all while celebrating you — the courageous writer who dared to fill an empty page.

Birds of a Feather

Work together!


It up

Reach for the sky. Together, we’ll find and articulate your voice from rough draft to polished manuscript.


The work

Humor, wisdom, and savvy are essential companions in creating your fiction or nonfiction work.


The writer

Share and develop your story through writer’s block to finished product, with a trusted advisor in a creative space.