Artist Statement

As both a writer and editor,

my work revolves around getting to the real story – how exchanges, events and situations convey nuance and meaning in our experiences.

In my contemplative works and opinion columns, I’ve reflected on snapshots of life as gateways to all that is good, true, and beautiful.

These connections fill my heart and overflow onto the page, rising from my deep belief that there’s more to life than our eyes or judgment can discern at first glance.

I write with honesty and simplicity, sharing my heart, observations, and questions to which the reader responds, “Yes, that’s my story, too.” 

I write, and support others to write, stories that illuminate the beauty of this world and our common bonds in this human experience.

Experiences of pain and hardship are deeply meaningful and connective; as are those of abundance, grace and possibility. It’s my joy to reveal these truths through all the work I touch.

I believe that in sharing our authentic truth, we can naturally inspire a grander sense of connectedness with one another, rooted in strength, presence and wisdom.

As an editor, I hold creative space and give input on others’ written works. Together, we explore ideas and transcribe them onto the page. We refine the storytelling to capture the readers’ attention and convey the author’s meaning.

One client said,

Maria is well suited to be a developmental editor, not only because she is a fellow author who intimately understands the journey, but because she has the heart of a teacher.”

I often say to my clients that, when something is being written, there are really two things being created. There’s the piece you’re working on – a book, a blog post, whatever it is – and then there’s who you become as you’re writing it.

As a creative, I feel it’s essential to be willing to take risks and keep an open mind towards ways of improving my craft. I’m not at the top of the mountain, I’m always climbing and growing with the help of my own editor, guides, and teachers.

In writing my first novel, I hope to capture “real-life” moments in my characters’ lives and spark resonance with readers. This book stretches my creativity in exploring fiction as a vehicle for my reflections and insights. One of the best parts of writing is getting totally lost in the flow of a story that feels bigger than me – those moments when you sit back and think, “Wow, I didn’t even plan to go there!”

When something new shows up and makes its way into the world, it’s truly a miracle. It wasn’t there before… and then suddenly it’s alive, emerging from everything that existed up until then. For me, that’s what makes the creative process so beautiful.

A recent client enthused:

You are so much more than an editor. You are a visionary, a light holder, and a sage.”

As a writer and editor, creator and incubator, it’s an ongoing mystery, inspiration, and honor to live out these characteristics by crafting stories that are good, true, and beautiful.