Focus and Fly with Robin Get-Ready

From Robin Get-Ready* –

*”Robin Get-Ready” is a pseudonym for this author, whose manuscript is in progress.

One hour with Maria helped me crystallize an idea for a novel I had brewing in my head for years. Before our initial meeting, I sent her a few notes and pages of a story I had stopped and started writing many times. She came to our meeting prepared and ready with questions, and in the course of our conversation I could practically feel the sparks flying in my brain.

But what she did best in the hour was listen, as I had ideas and storylines that were all over the map. I highly recommend working with Maria — especially if you need to focus and cut out the clutter.”

The Writing

Robin Get-Ready had a few scenes written, and a big idea in her head.

Her novel would blend two genres from fiction and non-fiction and build a story around historical characters, answering the eternal question: What if they met? 

Robin wanted to know: “Have I got something here? And if the answer is yes, can you help me map it out?”

Service Details

Writer’s Roost Package

When I met with Robin, she shared the bustling array of notes she had scribbled in a journal. She’d been thinking about this idea for a long time, and just recently got serious about developing it.

I shared Robin’s enthusiasm for the idea right away, and soon we were off. I listened attentively and asked key questions to help Robin more clearly articulate why she wanted to tell the story, who her target audience would be, and identify structural devices and a compelling opening and closing framework for the story.

The deliverables I provided continue to help Robin as she progresses in writing her story. They give her a clear frame of reference and keep the vision in place as her scenes take shape.

The Epilogue

Robin flew from our meeting with a flock of new ideas to develop her manuscript. The way ahead – though there are many words still to be written – is mapped out with clear landmarks in solid story structure.

Excited to get back to the page, Robin knew to trust her instincts on this concept and project. We both reveled in deep appreciation of why this story needs to be told.

Editor’s Reflection

Robin Get-Ready was terrific to work with! Her heart for the subject was so apparent, and her enthusiasm was contagious. We laughed and shared many “goosebump moments” when new ideas emerged and we connected details to support them. Our time together gave Robin the artist, and her brilliant idea, space to spread their wings into a fuller, richer understanding of the material and of the talented author who will bring it in to being.

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