Writer’s Roost

When it seems you’ve lost course…

Writing can be a lonely practice. Sometimes it’s going great – you’ve got the wind at your back, gliding exactly where you want to go. Other times, you might be floating through a sky of lofty ideas and feeling a little foggy. There are times you might even smack right into a glass window and completely lose your sense of direction!

If you’re writing something (or even just thinking about writing), you’ve probably experienced some of the following…

  • You have new ideas that keep coming up, but you’re not sure what to do with them
  • You have notes, scenes or characters that haven’t woven themselves together yet
  • You’re wondering if what you’ve written is worth reading
  • People keep saying you should write a book, and you want to get serious about it

This can happen at any point of the writing process. If you want to take off, but you’re not sure where to go…

It’s time For a writer’s Roost.

It’s a simple thing in premise, but many writers know that one of the most marvelous things you can do for your work is to talk it over with a seasoned word-crafting professional. When you add another creative and knowledgeable mind to the mix, it’s easy to find out what’s next for whatever you’re hatching.

Writer’s Roost Package

Enter the Inspiration Aviary And Orient your story’s flight path.

  • Get your ideas out in the open for fresh insights
  • String up a “clothesline” of your manuscript
  • Harmonize your writing’s theme, genre, core scenes and story arc
  • Guide your next direction – for both fiction or non-fiction

The Preening Process

The Writer’s Roost process breaks down into 3 steps:

  1. We’ll meet to develop your ideas and identify your ideal audience
  2. You’ll receive a “Next Steps” summary, plus a recording and transcript of the epiphanies and plans that come from this initial session
  3. We’ll meet again for a follow up to see how things are evolving with your writing

From creative concepts to practical tactics, you’ll get what you need to keep moving forward.

Wondering if this is right writer’s package for for you? Schedule a free consultation with me to find out.

Client Success Stories

“One hour with Maria helped me crystallize an idea for a novel I had brewing in my head for years. Before our initial meeting, I sent her a few notes and pages of a story I had stopped and started writing many times. She came to our meeting prepared and ready with questions, and in…

Focus and Fly with Robin Get-Ready

Read Success Story

Package Particulars


  • Initial strategy and inspiration session with Maria (90min)
  • Complete recording and transcript of the call for easy reference
  • “Next Steps” recommendation summary
  • Follow up guidance session with Maria (30min)


4-6 weeks



Do I need to have anything written yet?

No. Filling out the application form is all we need to get started.

Are the outcomes of the package my intellectual property?

Yes, all the ideas generated in the session are yours to keep and use.

How do I get started?

First, you’ll fill out the application form and submit at 25% non-refundable deposit.

Then, I’ll reach out to you with details on how to schedule your session(s).

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

With 24 hours advance notice, your deposit can be applied to a new meeting date and time. For no-shows and cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance, the deposit is forfeited and you will be invited to reapply for a new session.

Where ideas take flight

If you feel like you’re wandering when you’d rather be writing, the Writer’s Roost package provides a creative, energized open space to play and engage with ideas.

In this inventive, strategic environment, you’ll get the encouragement, guidance and inspiration you need to keep moving forward. I approach every client’s message with an open heart, solid story-crafting credentials, and the right touch of wisdom to laugh, cry, and goosebump your idea into reality.

Use the Writer’s Roost to turn “just an idea” into your next big work – one that will thrive and grow with you on the page.

  • Explore new horizons for your writing through creative collaboration
  • Get the framework you need to turn a hatchling concept into a soaring narrative
  • Enjoy working with a talented, compassionate editor
  • Connect to the core of why you’re writing in the first place
  • Thrill to the great direction your manuscript will take

Looking for a Great Editor?

Whenever you’re writing, there always are two creations in the making: the story itself, and who you become in the process.

An editor who understands the writing life, the manuscript, and can give clear, motivating guidance is what writers need to become authors.

Schedule your free 30-minute conversation to connect with a seasoned professional and come away energized to fill the empty page again.