Perennial Progress with Memoir Meadowlark

From Memoir Meadowlark* –

*”Memoir Meadowlark” is a pseudonym for this author, whose manuscript is in progress.

Maria is well suited to be a developmental editor, not only because she is a fellow writer/author who intimately understands the journey, but because she has the heart of a teacher.

So patient and transparent was she in her approach to helping me get my manuscript off the ground that I continue refining it from the firm foundation we co-labored to build.”

The Manuscript

Memoir Meadowlark began her manuscript review by sending five scenes for my analysis using the Five Commandments of Storytelling analysis tool from Story Grid. She had identified a published memoir as a masterwork to emulate in tone, structure, and use of storytelling principles to craft vibrant reminiscence of her life experiences.

In addition, Meadowlark wanted to establish a consistent writing habit, and by setting monthly and daily goals, she would keep herself accountable to the work.

Service Details

Hatching Season Package

The three-month Hatching Season Package proved to be a great fit for Memoir Meadowlark. At first read of her manuscript, the scenes were presented from a point of view that balanced retrospection and in-the-moment details. The storytelling analysis revealed where scenes needed to be revised to ensure that the reader would understand and empathize with the stakes involved for the main character. 

Memoir is a very challenging genre to tackle, because it calls the author to write from two levels: sharing and reflecting on their own experiences, and drafting and editing the story. Meadowlark deeply understood this charge, and exercised self-care in her work by honoring the feelings that came up during the writing process. Through her monthly and daily writing goals, Meadowlark built in the creative and emotional space to tell her story.

The Epilogue

Memoir Meadowlark’s manuscript developed into twenty core scenes in support of a clear and compelling theme.

Meadowlark’s voice gained strength as the work progressed. She grew in her ability to choose experiences from her life’s story that best illustrated her theme. Supported by a smart, cohesive outline, Memoir Meadowlark continues working to complete her manuscript.

Editor’s Reflection

In the quote above, Memoir Meadowlark describes me as having “the heart of a teacher.” This is true! Like a teacher with her students, I want all my clients to succeed in their work, and grow along the way. Meadowlark listened well and asked thoughtful questions. I loved seeing how her scenes and ideas developed from one session to the next. Positive feedback was received with grace and humility, and suggestions for improvement were thoughtfully considered with appropriate push back when needed.

Witnessing Meadowlark’s growth was an amazing experience. It is so gratifying to know that her work continues from the foundation we built together. It’s all about the writer’s voice growing in strength and clarity, and aspiring authors like Meadowlark gaining confidence in their writing abilities and in the power of their story. Through the Hatching Season package, I have a front row seat for this remarkable experience!

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