Hatching Season

When the story is in the making…

So, you’re determined to realize your dream of authoring a book. You know you have a message to deliver, but the practice of writing isn’t going as smoothly as you’d hoped. Have you noticed what might be getting in the way? Perhaps you’re…

  • Wondering, “will people will actually want to read my work?”
  • Procrastinating because you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or afraid of wasting your time?
  • Feeling the writing isn’t “good enough” and looking for some insight on how to make it better?
  • Trying to write, but life keeps getting in the way?

If you need a space to dream up and write down the next chapters…

Glide into action through Hatching season.

Rediscover your creative enthusiasm by working with a true collaborator who loves your work and supplies the astute, inspiring inputs to help your story soar.

Hatching season Package

Brood and bring forth your message with A professional in the wings.

  • Get clear and motivated around the idea of your work
  • Craft an engaging story for your intended audience
  • Take advantage of immediate feedback to focus and enhance scenes as you write
  • Make progress in a measurable, sustainable way

Method for Maturation

After you decide to devote the next season (three or six months) to your creative development, the Hatching Season begins.

At the start, we’ll have an initial consultation to define your goals for our time working together. From there, we’ll repeat these three steps on a monthly basis:

  1. You’ll submit your work, which I’ll analyze with comments and feedback
  2. We’ll meet to review the analysis and discuss your questions and next steps
  3. You’ll receive a recording of the call with written guidance for the following month

With an editor to catalyze the writing process, you’re empowered to keep enriching your story over time with confidence and purpose.

Schedule a consultation with me to see if Hatching Season will be the supportive environment you need for your work.

Client Success Stories

“One hour with Maria helped me crystallize an idea for a novel I had brewing in my head for years. Before our initial meeting, I sent her a few notes and pages of a story I had stopped and started writing many times. She came to our meeting prepared and ready with questions, and in…

Focus and Fly with Robin Get-Ready

Read Success Story

Package Particulars

Monthly Deliverables

  • Analysis and Opportunity Exploration Session with Maria (60mins) 
  • Annotated manuscript with comments and suggestions (selection of up to 3,000 words)
  • Recorded calls and written recommendation summary
  • Application of a variety of editing, writing, and analytical tools tailored to your work


3 month minimum; up to 6 months



*Discounted rates are available for Manuscript Migration clients.

How much do I submit each month for editing?

Every month you’ll submit a selection of 2,000–3,000 words for feedback.

When do I send you my manuscript?

I’ll need your writing at least 1 week prior to the Analysis and Opportunity Exploration session.

How do I get started?

Book a free consultation with me to discuss your manuscript and learn more about how we can work together.

Encourage Your Story to Emerge On the wing

The Hatching Season package is the perfect ongoing opportunity for you to have a dedicated space to tend to your creative life and current work.

  • Be supported by a great coach and companion “in real time” as you write
  • Get encouraging, affirming direction to improve your craft and clarify your message
  • Enjoy a sense of accomplishment as your manuscript grows and develops
  • Experience a renaissance of creativity and ideas for your writing
  • Celebrate your improvement and evolution as a writer over time

Looking for a Great Editor?

Whenever you’re writing, there always are two creations in the making: the story itself, and who you become in the process.

An editor who understands the writing life, the manuscript, and can give clear, motivating guidance is what writers need to become authors.

Schedule your free 30-minute conversation to connect with a seasoned professional and come away energized to fill the empty page again.